Windows Admin Center does not yet support any means of device synchronization between Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). To simplify the use of Windows Admin Center configured for Gateway mode I developed a method to automatically sync workstations from the SCCM database directly to the Windows Admin Center shared connections list. To do this I used a combination of MSSQL and PowerShell.

First, to get started you’ll need to copy the Windows Admin Center “ConnectionTools” PowerShell Script Module to your SCCM Primary Site Database Server. In my lab code example below I copied the file to “C:\WAC”

Create a file called “WAC-Export-Computers.sql” in “C:\WAC” and paste the SQL query below into the file. Quick note, you’ll need to input your database name and change the connection string if you’re looking to import more than just workstations.

Connection typeConnection string
Windows Servermsft.sme.connection-type.server
Windows 10
Failover Clustermsft.sme.connection-type.cluster
Hyper-Converged Clustermsft.sme.connection-type.hyper-converged-cluster


Finally, create a new file called “WAC-Import-Computers.ps1” and copy the PowerShell script below. You’ll need to update the Import-Connection string with your full WAC server address.


You can now either execute the PowerShell script as a one-time import of workstations into WAC or you can create a scheduled task to regularly import new workstations into your WAC gateway.

All your users who utilize your WAC Gateway server will now be able to quickly connect to any managed workstation without having to manually create a connection item each time.

WAC is a great tool so I’m excited to follow its development – fingers crossed they introduce a native AAD sync feature soon!