My experience working at Columbia University in NYC for two years was amazing. I was immensely successful and my skills grew tremendously. I had an awesome team and I made genuinely great friends from my time there. I was as I say, ‘living the dream’.

So when I was given the offer to move to California and work for one of my dream companies I admittedly struggled with the thought of leaving. Moving 3000 miles from everyone and everything you’ve ever known is surreal, unbelievable, and in many ways indescribable. So why drop everything and move to the unknown? Very simply – a new story, the precipice of something exciting. An adventure.

November 22nd was the point of no return: I had made my last rounds of goodbyes with my family and embarked on a cross country road trip with my fiancé and my OG princess. We drove for four days through thirteen states – ate steak in Texas on Thanksgiving (Slinky got Turkey treats) – stopped in the Grand Canyon (terrifying BTW) – and accumulated multiple cashless toll violations in Oklahoma.

Finally arrived – Orange County California!

It’s been five months so what’s our story like in Anaheim? Relaxing. It’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful out here. Working at Blizzard is surreal, challenging, and exciting – I love it. In such a short time we’ve already experienced so many new things, mastered Disneyland’s fast pass system, and more importantly have made several meaningful friendships.

Free lollipops in the Blizzard Cafe

This move has been exciting, terrifying, and liberating. We are always moving up, moving on, creating a new future and a new story. Since I’m currently sitting across the street from Disneyland I suppose the best way to close this post is with a quote from Walt Disney, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”.